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This low impact workout challenges adults of all ages who want to get in shape. Program incorporates aqua zumba, kick-boxing and yoga, as well as exercises with water weights. Shallow water and deep water classes meet two times per week.

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  • Aqua Aerobics

    Low impact workout challenges those who want to get in shape. Aqua Aerobics classes incorporate low cardio, muscle toning, strengthening and balance work. Deep water and shallow water classes meet 2 times per week.Gold Card/Golden Key Card members (district residents ages 60 and older) receive a 50% discount for this class. The discounted rate will automatically be applied at checkout. You must have a Gold Card/Golden Key Card issued in your name to receive the discounted rate. If you do not have a Gold Card/Golden Key Card and would like to request one, complete an online request form. For any questions, please call us at 636-891-6644.