Smoky Mountains Adventure

The Smoky Mountains Adventure | Spring trip for Rockwood 5th Graders

The Smoky Mountains Adventure takes Rockwood 5th Graders into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for an adventure-packed, science based four-day trip. On this trip your child will:

  • Explore the Wilderness
  • Search for wildlife
  • Learn about the environment
  • Develop leadership skills
  • and more!

Smoky Mountains Adventure Trip Dates:
Registration opens online and in-person October 5 at 9 a.m.

Trip 1:
February 28-March 2
Ellisville, Kehrs Mill, Westridge
Bus departs evening of February 27
Trip 2:
March 27-30
Ballwin, Fairway, Green Pines
Bus departs evening of March 26
Trip 3:
April 3-6
Babler, Chesterfield, Pond
Bus departs evening of April 2
Trip 4: 
April 17-20
Bowles, Kellison, Stanton and Uthoff Valley
Bus departs evening of April 16
Trip 5:
May 1-4
Blevins, Eureka, Geggie
Bus departs evening of April 30
Trip 6:
May 15-18
Ridge Meadows, Wild Horse, Woerther
Bus departs evening of May 14

$599, due as follows
A $199 deposit is due at time of registration. When registering online, your account will automatically be set up to make two installment payments on November 29, 2019 ($200) and January 10, 2020 ($200).

Limited fee assistance may be available to those who qualify. Contact our office at or 636-891-6644 for more information. Learn more about the Smoky Mountains Adventure.

About Online Registration: In order to register online, you will need to create an account if you do not already have one. In addition, your child must be added to your account prior to registering him/her for the trip program.  If you need assistance, please contact our Operations Team at 636-891-6644.  

Trip 1: Ellisville, Kehrs Mill, Westridge (2/28-3/2)

$ 599.00
Trip 2: Ballwin, Fairway, Green Pines (3/27-30)

Full - waiting list

$ 599.00
Trip 3: Babler, Chesterfield, Pond (4/3-6)

Full - waiting list

$ 599.00
Trip 4: Bowles, Kellison, Stanton, Uthoff Valley (4/17-20)

Full - waiting list

$ 599.00
Trip 5: Blevins, Eureka, Geggie (5/1-4)

$ 599.00
Trip 6: Ridge Meadows, Wild Horse, Woerther (5/15-18)

Full - waiting list

$ 599.00