BablerWiLD Camp Store

Camp store is available ONLY during the WiLD Outdoor Weeks

All campers have the opportunity to visit the camp store at the end of the camp day.  Campers may purchase 1 snack, 1 drink, and 1 toy each day. You may add funds to your child's account for the week.  Please do not send cash or checks to BablerWiLD.  Our recommendations are as follows:

If you signed your child up for:
One Week Camp add $10.00
Two weeks of Camp add $20.00
Three weeks of Camp add $30.00
Four weeks of Camp add $40.00
Five weeks of Camp add $50.00
Six weeks of Camp add $60.00

 Camp Store is optional. If you choose not to participate it will not effect your child's ability to have a snack. All campers receive a snack in the morning and campers who do not purchase a snack in the afternoon will be offered an alternative snack. Any remaining balances at the end of the week will be donated towards future BablerWiLD programming unless a refund is specifically requested. While campers will never be required to hold on to any physical currency, this is a great opportunity to help teach your camper responsibility and the value of money.  Prices for the items range from .25 cents to 1.00 dollar and BablerWiLD staff work with our campers to explain prices, help with math, and answer any questions.  

BW Camp Store