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Podcasts For Entertainment and Education

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2023-24 Winter/Spring Catalog

Have you heard about podcasts about aren’t sure what the fuss is all about? Do you want someone to guide you to help you find topics that are of interest to you? Bring your phones or laptops, we’ve got an expert ready to show this world. We will hands-on discover how to find free podcasts to listen to for fun, education, entertainment and news. Taught by Community Ed Instructor Richard Losciale.

Session 1: Wednesday, January 24 | 12:00-2:00 p.m. | Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed Office 
Session 2: Wednesday, February 28 | 6:00-8:00 p.m. | Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed Office

Ages 18+

Price: $19.00 | Gold Card $9.50, Silver Card $16.15 

Pay a little more and help others enjoy learning and fun with Community Ed! Each of our adult programs includes an option to ‘pay a little more'. All funds raised help to provide enriching and engaging experiences for youth, families, and adults in need of financial assistance.

Gold Card members (Parkway and Rockwood district residents ages 60 and older) receive a 50% discount for this class. The discounted rate will automatically be applied at checkout. You must have a Gold Card issued in your name to receive the discounted rate. If you do not have a Gold Card and would like to request one, complete an online request form. For any questions, please call us at 636-891-6644.

Silver Card members (residents outside of the Parkway and Rockwood districts ages 60 and older) receive a 15% discount for this class. The discounted rate will automatically be applied at checkout. You must have a Silver Card membership to receive the discounted rate (you will not receive a physical card). If you are not registered for a Silver Card and would like to register, complete this online request form. Note: the Silver card does not provide free/reduced admission to Parkway or Rockwood High School sponsored events.

Richard Losciale

I am a Certified Senior Advisor since 2017 and a member of the St Louis Certified Senior Advisors Leadership Network.I am a graduate of The City of New York University’s Brooklyn College. I received my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and French with a focus on Irish Literature and Etymology. I am a Phi Beta Kappa. graduation, I embarked on a lifelong Education career path, taught middle and secondary education, GED within the social justice system for the New York State BOCES program. Having taught both college-bounds and non, I recognize the art of skill and knowledge transfer in the classroom and love lighting up my students as they grow in knowledge. I started and ran an adult technology and soft skills training company for 15 years, pioneering government security training after 911, cloud computing and coding skills. I am not just a sage on the stage or a podium hugger type of teacher: I applaud and recognize everyone’s unique learning styles and adapt my knowledge transfer methods to suit. We can march to a test prep discipline or openly explore the topics at hand in my classes. I am a firm proponent of education. When I’m not in the classroom, I enjoy playing bass guitar, film noir, cooking, wildflowers and the company of good friends and family.

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  Richard Losciale

Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed : Room 34
Wednesday, Feb 28
6:00 - 8:00 PM


Min Age   18 yr.

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